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Thomas Sailer, B.A., born on August 4th, 1987, in Eisenstadt, is a writer, artist and leisure pioneer.

During his studies, he discovered his passion for writing. It was during this time that he wrote the manuscript for his debut novel, Der Freizeitpionier, which was first published in December 2011.

Sailer's other novels include Die Wuestenpflanze, Die Aktivistin (2014), and Die Gefaengnisinsel (2018). He also wrote the autobiography Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan about his past in the virtual Harry Potter fandom, which was also translated into English. Sailer also writes non-fiction books such as Leb deinen Traum: Sei Freizeitpionier and Inflation ausbremsen.

Since 2019, Thomas Sailer has also focused more on the multimedia adaptation of his works. In the fall of 2020, he realized the short film Die Gefaengnisinsel - Doku einer Flucht, a first film adaptation of his novel Die Gefaengnisinsel.

Sailer is also a board member of the ART HOUSE PROJECT Art Association in Eisenstadt and co-organizer of the TRANSFORM-ARTE art fair.


Central themes in the work of Thomas Sailer are freedom and fulfillment, as well as the realization of dreams. Around these themes, he has created the leisure pioneer-philosophy.

Sailer sees himself as an aesthete and focuses his work on transforming the negative into the positive, as well as highlighting and capturing the beautiful aspects.

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