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Leb deinen Traum: Sei Freizeitpionier

Leb deinen Traum: Sei Freizeitpionier

ISBN (paperback): 978-3-347-29662-6

ISBN (hardcover): 978-3-347-29663-3

ISBN (e-book): 978-3-347-29664-0

Publisher: tredition

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Do you feel sometimes like you are missing out on your life? Like it just passes you by? That your everyday life costs you too much energy? That you are always getting things done but never get closer to your goals?

If one or more of these points apply, this book can help you make a crucial change!

Further if you are interested in a constructive way of life and making dreams come true, or if you just want to get to know an exciting new perspective, you are spot-on here: This book offers you access to tangible capabilities, to shape your life and realise your dreams.


The declared aim of this book is to make the Freizeitpionier-Philosophy more tangible. That way it is much easier for readers to get to know the Freizeitpionier-concept in all its details and further, to benefit from it.

Leb deinen Traum: Sei Freizeitpionier is an addition to Sailer's work so far: This book offers a wonderful access to the Freizeitpionier-topic and further a solid base for a much better understanding of the novels Der Freizeitpionier and Die Gefängnisinsel. At the same time, the novels offer additional material for anyone who would like to treat the Freizeitpionier-Philosophy more intensively.

The Origin

Thomas Sailer has had the vision for a while to treat the Freizeitpionier-Philosophy direct and without fictional circumlocution. In February of 2021, he had the idea to write a standard work in the form of a »Freizeitpionier-guide«. The book was released in May 2021.

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