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Die Gefängnisinsel - Doku einer Flucht

Year of production: 2020

Playing time: 20 Min

Book on which the film was based: Die Gefaengnisinsel

Producter/Director: Thomas Sailer

Camera: Jasmin Thoma

Audio: Walter Till

Voice actor: Christoph Szabo

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Martin Eichendorf has been imprisoned in the supermax Werra I for more than 2 years. The young journalist is unguilty and there because of a plot. When he gets the chance to flee, he takes it. He escapes the prison indeed - only to realise that he has been on an island all the time long.

He manages to hide out on the island. At first he enjoys his new freedom - but soon, however, he feels almost as imprisoned as he felt inside the prison cell.


Die Gefaengnisinsel - Doku einer Flucht is a film adaption of the first three chapters of Thomas Sailer's novel Die Gefaengnisinsel.

The Origin

Back in 2019, Sailer announced his intention to make Die Gefaengnisinsel into a film. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the beginning of 2020, however, the prepearations had to be halted and eventually stopped. As a result, Sailer decided to produce a short film instead. The shooting startet on September 15th 2020 and lasted till November 12th 2020. The short film was released on December 12th 2020.






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