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Die Aktivistin: Der Widerstand beginnt

Die Aktivistin: Der Widerstand beginnt

ISBN (paperback): 978-3-7497-1266-3

ISBN (hardcover): 978-3-7497-1267-0

ISBN (e-book): 978-3-7497-1268-7

Publisher: tredition

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Europe, in the autumn of 2018: The European Parliament proclaims the imminent abolishment of hard cash in the whole euro area – in favour of a purely digital payment system.

While politicians begin to praise the forthcoming currency reform to the skies, there arises huge frustration within the populace: Many are aware that a system of purely digital payment transactions means an absolute control over the finances of the individual.

Johanna Perl, a student from Lower Austria, decides to actively protest against the decision of the central government on the internet – and meets with an unexpected response. When the Slovakian university professor Kaspar Petržalkov becomes aware of her, there soon originates a collaboration between the student and the scholar – which results in a serious resistance movement.

Johanna and professor Petržalkov know for sure: Europe is sitting on a political powder keg. And so they dare themselves into the fight against the system.


In this work, Thomas Sailer explores the theme of 'governmental surveillance.' Through the example of 'the abolition of cash,' which becomes a reality in a fictional context here, he aims to demonstrate how quickly innovations in the name of 'progress' and 'security' can lead to a restriction of personal freedom.

The novel invites readers to question how much power and control authorities should actually have in general. It also serves as a warning against accepting advancing regulations and control mechanisms too readily.

The Origin

The idea for a literary monument against excessive governmental overregulation had been with Sailer for years before he even started working on the project; a note on the hard drive of his computer had been there for a while.

Finally, on September 30th,2013, he had the dazzling idea for a story: The plot should focus on a female activist, who would campaign against the currency conversion; the reform should further take place in the euro area only and not worldwide, as initially envisaged.

After a conceptual base was created and the first few pages were written, it soon became certain that he would complete the manuscript this time. Even though he had a full time job back then, he worked consequent on the opus and thus made a good progress. On March 7th, he completed the manuscript; exactly two weeks later, on March 21st, after having proofread it once, he forwarded it to serendii publishing. The book entitled "Die Aktivistin" got published there on July 1st, 2014.

In October of 2019, a new edition of the book was released subsequent to a revision. Further, it got the subtitle "Der Widerstand beginnt."

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